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Secure IT and professional support to the Legal Sector

At Medhurst we have a proven track record in helping legal practices throughout the UK to improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructure whilst reducing unnecessary costs.

Modern legal practices rely on IT in every part of their business including day-to-day administration, case management, billing and the protection of confidential client information. Managing these business critical systems, as well as staying up-to-date with advances in software and changes in IT policy, is becoming increasingly difficult for practices to dedicate the necessary resources.

Our IT specialists are highly trained to provide professional expertise on Case Management Systems including IRIS, Alpha Law and FWBS. With specialist knowledge of Big Hand and Nflow Digital Dictation Systems and other Legal Software including OyezForms and Lexis Nexus HotDocs, our fully accredited staff ensure you have the technical systems and tools needed to drive your practice forward.


Our virtualisation solutions installed by accredited IT professionals, provide a flexible way of running applications, whilst relieving the headache of maintaining and keeping up-to-date with continually changing IT technology.

Virtualisation reduces the amount of necessary, required hardware, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently. By simplifying computing and consolidating the necessary software and hardware, virtualisation reduces the cost of IT maintenance. Not only does it enable businesses to spend less on resources, it also provides an opportunity for energy savings, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

QualitySolicitors D’Angibau had a number of servers being accessed by over 30 users spread over the practice’s two main sites. To offer its staff a flexible, secure and convenient IT environment, the partners made the decision to employ Medhurst to oversee a move away from the traditional server and PC network to a cloud based solution. As solicitors, data security and continuity of service are essential for its clients and Medhurst delivered the most cost effective solution that would provide the functionality that they needed and ideally without the capital outlay on new server hardware and software. Read more here.


Organisations can now access their corporate applications and data from anywhere within the organisation, helping them to improve productivity, simplify management and reduce costs with a secure and reliable network that unifies access and optimises wireless performance to handle a growing number of mobile devices.

With our range of HPE Aruba network and wireless solutions, organisations can reduce their total cost of ownership with a simpler architecture and have the backup of HP Lifetime warranty.

The HPE Software-defined Networking (SDN) provides an end-to-end solution to automate the network from data center to campus and branch. Paul Richards from HPE talks about how HPE is simplifying corporate networks at our recent seminar and you can see and hear more here.

You can also take a look at some of our recent case studies for Barnwell and Crescent & Norwood Schools and see how HPE WiFi networks, ElitePads, laptops and servers are improving the learning experience for students and staff.


Being able to communicate with colleagues and customers away from the office is vital to any organisation.

Our remote working solutions makes working away from the office a painless reality, helping businesses improve communications, increase productivity and reduce costs. From PCs at home, to laptops, tablets and smartphones on the move, you remain in control of where and when you want to work.

Our Dashboard cloud and remote working solution enables organisations to deliver their software applications to all staff whether on or off-site.

All you need is access to any PC, thin client or mobile device and an Internet connection, to be able to access your applications anytime, anywhere.

Read more about how QualitySolicitors D’Angibau  uses Medhurst’s cloud solutions here


We understand that budgets are tight. So, we’ll always suggest the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

As an HP accredited partner, we are able to secure the best prices and warranties for your hardware devices and can offer organisations access to exclusive HP promotions and discounts.

You can also take a look at some of our recent case studies for Barnwell and Crescent & Norwood Schools and see how HPE Aruba WiFi network, ElitePads, laptops and servers are improving the learning experience for students and staff.

Contact us now for the latest promotion details on HP PCs, laptops and tablets.


We offer a full range of IT support and helpdesk services, tailored to the needs of your organisation and delivered by experienced and trained IT engineers.

Our full IT support service is aimed at organisations who want to outsource the responsibility of their IT management to professional and highly trained engineers, freeing up time to focus on core business activities. We’ll act as your organisation’s IT department, managing the day-to-day running of your IT applications and services, or work in partnership with your in-house IT staff, to monitor your systems round the clock and identifying problems before they happen.

Our complementary IT support service is ideal for organisations that do not require 24/7 IT assistance but still need access to expert IT support and services on an ad-hoc or on-going basis. We’ll provide strategic guidance and support as and when you need it, working in partnership with your current in-house IT staff.


Our remote backup solutions provide a system that is significantly more stable than relying on internal backups. By storing information securely off-site, your organisation minimises the loss of data due to chance events and system failures and offers high levels of security for confidential company information.

We’ll ensure that your data is encrypted and backed-up regularly, providing a reliable means of protecting company information without the hassle of maintaining expensive applications.

Precision Engineering company, Atlantic Precision, asked Medhurst to upgrade its server  to deliver a new secure and responsive virtualised IT environment with both on-site and online backup of its company-wide IT functions. Read more about the installation here.


Ensuring the protection of your company data and intelligence will enable your businesses to continue working if the unexpected happens.

We’ll work with you to implement a disaster recovery plan that will minimise your business downtime and protect you from possible loss of revenue and customers, if disaster strikes.

We are ProPartners for Veeam Software, an innovative provider of solutions that deliver ‘Availability for the Modern Data Centre’. These solutions deliver high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility. See more at Veeam Software.


Office 365 delivers the best value to companies through cloud subscription services. This means that everyone in your small or medium sized business can access the latest versions of familiar Office desktop applications as well as business-grade email, shared calendar, and online meetings, wherever they are, on whatever device such as PC/Mac, tablet or phone.

No need to pay for version upgrades; updates are included in your monthly subscription with new features rolled out to Office 365 customers regularly.

Talk to us about the best Office 365 subscription for your organisation

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What our Clients Say

As a law firm specialising in corporate, commercial and regulatory work for demanding clients, it is vitally important to our business that we have first class IT support. Medhurst has provided this to us for many years and we hugely appreciate the team’s technical capability and the personal commitment we get from the top of the organisation.- Nigel Wallis, Partner, O'Connors LLP
Alistair Evans and Medhurst have helped us grow from 5 to 56 members of the team over an 11 year period. Always professional, fun too, they are an essential extended part of the company. I could not recommend them too highly.- Jeremy Taylor, Managing Director, Power Solutions (UK) Limited
Since we selected Medhurst to manage our IT infrastructure and provide us with advice and support, the reliability of our systems has vastly increased. They are a very dependable company, who are easy to deal with and care about our business. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.- Andy Bullock, MD, Corporate Medical Finance