Flexible and reliable IT to support your growing business

Daily problems with IT-dependant applications can have a huge effect on your business activity and bottom line. Effective management of an IT department demands a great deal of time and resources and for many businesses, hiring a dedicated IT team is just not feasible. But outsourcing your IT support will enable your organisation to focus on its core business, while relieving the headache of IT management and increasing business efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

At Medhurst we provide you with your own committed IT department, allowing you to dedicate all of your time and resources to growing your business. We take full responsibility for our clients’ IT requirements, providing a bespoke or off the shelf solution, installed and project managed by our IT consultants. As your business needs change, our IT consultants are always on hand to provide guidance on all your IT worries:

  • How can we utilise the software we have to improve cost efficiency?
  • Should we be buying new solutions and if so what ones best suit our business needs?
  • What should I be replacing and upgrading and when?
  • How can technology give my business the competitive edge?

Not all businesses need 24/7 dedicated IT Support. Whether you want us to take full responsibility for the day-to-day management of your IT department or act as an add-on to your current IT provision, our tailored services and support guarantee expert and flexible assistance that will increase business profitability.


"We wanted to work with an organisation that would deliver cost-effective and highly specified solutions and we chose Medhurst not only for their competitive quote but because it was obvious that they really understood the needs of our company. They weren’t phased by our specialised requirements and explained that we could have a stable MS environment that offered us the best of both worlds."- Simon Longden, Helsby and Longden

"We were impressed with Medhurst’s work and felt confident that they would deliver exactly what we needed and to budget. They understood our needs and were interested in our business."- Frances Molloy, Health@Work