Security Solutions

With the constant occurrence of IT security threats and organised cybercrime on the rise, it is no surprise that the safekeeping of business intelligence is at the forefront of any organisation’s mind.

Whether protecting information about employees, finances or business plans, having an effective IT security solution in place is vital to the running of your business and should be at the heart of every organisation’s strategic plans.

Protect your company’s assets

Medhurst offers a range of security solutions for your network from the world’s leading security vendors and has a proven track record in helping organisations throughout the UK to improve business security.

Medhurst’s IT specialists are trained to provide strategic advice on current technology and IT Security policy, to ensure that your business is protected from internal and external risks and threats including viruses, spyware, crimeware, hackers, phishing, and spam.

As more information is stored electronically and distributed across networks and the internet, the risk of unauthorised access increases. Having a security service provider in place offers a flexible approach to IT security. A product is designed to do a specific job but a service can be adapted to your changing business and security challenges as they arise.



"We have been working with Medhurst since we started the business with our first store in Bromborough 5 years ago. Now with 5 stores open around the North West, Medhurst has helped us to communicate smoothly and effectively whilst we continue to grow. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to other businesses that want an IT company with a good customer focus and excellent problem solving attitude."- Jon Wyles, Managing Director, Smart Storage Ltd