Remote Working

With over 3.5 million people in the UK working from home and the Government’s digital strategy, it is clear that the availability of broadband communications has revolutionised the workplace and will continue to do so, making working away from the office a viable and cost-effective alternative for businesses.

Medhurst’s remote working service makes working away from the office a painless reality. From PCs at home, to Laptops, notebooks and smartphones on the move, you remain in control of where and when you want to work.

Cost Savings

Office space is one of the greatest expenses for organisations large and small. Without the need to maintain offices and support employees on site, organisations can downgrade to smaller locations, saving on energy bills as well as the cost of space. Medhurst’s remote working service uses ADSL bonding technologies to provide high bandwidth connectivity with built in resilience, at a fraction of the cost of leased lines.

Increased Speed

Multiple ADSL lines can be pooled to achieve high bandwidth connections. When an ADSL line is added to a pool, its upload and download bandwidth are made available. Pools can consist of any number of ADSL lines from 4 to 32 and due to the low cost of ADSL it is possible to improve on the high download and upload speeds of a leased line for less money.

Increased Resilience

Medhurst supplies ADSL services from a number of different providers to minimise the risks associated with ADSL circuits. If an ADSL line fails, the pool of remaining lines continue to operate, at a lower speed, until the failed ADSL lines are restored, ensuring business continuity and application efficiency.



"Medhurst was recommended to us by a colleague working in the IT department of another school that had also employed the company. Having seen the work carried out by Medhurst's education team and the benefits that its services offered, we decided to employ them to help with our IT management. They proved very quickly that not only did they know what they were doing, but provided very favourable project costs and benefits."- Tim Howlett, IT Manager, Portsmouth Grammar School

"Our business relies on fast and accurate communication in a 24/7 environment and so it is imperative that we work with an IT partner that understands our business and supports its aims. We have entrusted our IT support and technology strategy to Medhurst for over 10 years now and have been reassured with its effective and responsive support throughout. Not only are the engineers professional and knowledgeable, but they understand that any downtime would significantly impact on our day to day efficiency and so always go that extra mile to sort any issues."- Alison Garvey, Operations Director, MCC International