Remote Backup

For most businesses and organisations critical company data is stored on internal computer systems. Unfortunately these computer systems are not always reliable and important data can be lost if a system crashes or is infected by a virus.

In the simplest terms, remote backup refers to the storage of business intelligence outside of an internal network. By storing information off-site, businesses can minimise the loss of data due to chance events and system failures. Data is encrypted and backed-up regularly, providing a reliable means of protecting company information without the hassle of maintaining expensive applications.

Ease of use

Traditional backup methods require daily manual updating, remote backup however runs automatically at a time best suited to business needs. The system looks after itself, leaving companies to focus on core business, without any added stress.


Remote backup provides a system that is significantly more stable than relying on internal systems. It allows for the fast and efficient recovery of information and provides high levels of security for confidential company information.

Increased storage space

Whilst most modern IT systems have large facilities for data storage, it is still limited. Due to the nature of remote backup, there is an almost unlimited storage space, providing flexibility without limitations.



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