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Secure IT and professional support to the Legal Sector

At Medhurst we have a proven track record in helping legal practices throughout the UK to improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructure whilst reducing unnecessary costs.

Modern legal practices rely on IT in every part of their business including day-to-day administration, case management, billing and the protection of confidential client information. Managing these business critical systems, as well as staying up-to-date with advances in software and changes in IT policy, is becoming increasingly difficult for practices to dedicate the necessary resources.

Our IT specialists are highly trained to provide professional expertise on Case Management Systems including IRIS, Alpha Law and FWBS. With specialist knowledge of Big Hand and Nflow Digital Dictation Systems and other Legal Software including OyezForms and Lexis Nexus HotDocs, our fully accredited staff ensure you have the technical systems and tools needed to drive your practice forward.

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"The bespoke solutions provided by Medhurst has made a dramatic impact on the way the company operates and has provided us with an efficient, scaleable and cost effective IT infrastructure for the business to rely on."- Mike Shutler, IT development, Turners Solicitors

"We needed to find an IT company that would understand our needs and provide a system based on what we wanted, not what they wanted. From the first meetings with Medhurst, we believed that we had found a company that we could work with. I had confidence in the ability of Medhurst to provide quality, cost-effective solutions and to support our IT system effectively and promptly""- Stephen Roberts, Birch Cullimore