Full and Complementary IT Support

Medhurst provides both Full IT Support as well as Complementary IT Support.

The Full IT Support service is aimed at businesses and organisations who want to outsource the responsibility of their IT management to professional and highly trained engineers, freeing up time to focus on core business activities.

Medhurst will act as your organisation’s IT department, managing the day-to-day running of your IT applications and services. With Full IT Support you will be provided with a dedicated team of engineers delivering committed on-site assistance and phone support. Medhurst’s tailored support solutions will monitor your systems round the clock, identifying problems before they happen, guaranteeing exceptional and reliable assistance every time, with minimal downtime.

The Complementary IT Support is ideal for businesses and organisations that do not require 24/7 IT assistance but still need access to expert IT support and services on an ad-hoc or on-going basis.

Medhurst’s Complementary package provides strategic guidance and support as and when you need it. Medhurst will work closely with your current in-house IT staff, offering bespoke packages designed around the needs of your organisation and your existing IT skillset and structure. By doing so, Medhurst promises to provide the right solution for you, ensuring the appropriate level of IT support is available for any eventuality.


"We needed to find an IT company that would understand our needs and provide a system based on what we wanted, not what they wanted. From the first meetings with Medhurst, we believed that we had found a company that we could work with. I had confidence in the ability of Medhurst to provide quality, cost-effective solutions and to support our IT system effectively and promptly."- Stephen Roberts, Birch Cullimore