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Disaster Recovery

Ensuring the protection of your company data and intelligence will enable your businesses to continue working if the unexpected happens.

We’ll work with you to implement a disaster recovery plan that will minimise your business downtime and protect you from possible loss of revenue and customers, if disaster strikes.

We are ProPartners for Veeam Software, an innovative provider of solutions that deliver ‘Availability for the Modern Data Centre’. These solutions deliver high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data and complete visibility. See more at Veeam Software.


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"Already the new system means that our Information Communication Technology (ICT) is more efficient and reliable. The new PCs and Server are of a very high specification in relation to what other educational ICT companies were offering – and for a lot less money! Lessons run much more smoothly due to a dramatic reduction in technical problems and the older pupils have been able to do projects involving digital videos, music and sound that the old computers were just not able to cope with!"- Clare Farrell, Deputy Head, Ropley CE Primary School