Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is of fundamental importance to ensure the protection of company assets in unanticipated circumstances. Despite its importance, many organisations do not have disaster recovery plans in place and as a result, are at risk of losing important business intelligence in the event of unforeseen situations.

The term disaster recovery incorporates processes, policies and procedures, all of which are designed to restore operations critical to the resumption of business. By working closely with businesses to determine system requirements, Medhurst is able to build bespoke solutions in line with recovery time objectives, at the fastest possible speed.

Minimise business downtime

Planning ahead ensures services can continue in unexpected circumstances, preventing disruption to functions internally and to the services offered externally to customers and clients. Minimising disruption in adverse business conditions safeguards reputation whilst maintaining customer satisfaction.

Financial security

By having a disaster recovery solution in place, organisations are planning ahead, to protect the security of company finance and prevent financial loss during a period of adversity. Without a disaster recovery strategy, businesses are subject to possible loss of revenue and loss of customers, due to an inability to trade. Ensuring the protection of company data and intelligence allows businesses to continue work with minimum disruption.

By offering the fastest possible access to software and data, along with the provision of compatible hardware and communications, Medhurst is able to offer solutions in line with individual recovery time objectives.



"Already the new system means that our Information Communication Technology (ICT) is more efficient and reliable. The new PCs and Server are of a very high specification in relation to what other educational ICT companies were offering – and for a lot less money! Lessons run much more smoothly due to a dramatic reduction in technical problems and the older pupils have been able to do projects involving digital videos, music and sound that the old computers were just not able to cope with!"- Clare Farrell, Deputy Head, Ropley CE Primary School